Pit Bull Sculpture and Urn

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The very detailed Pitbull Dog bust is cast by "cold cast bronze" (polymer resin/bronze powder mixture) technique and hand finished with bronze patina. It can be used as an urn itself, with a choice of a plug or threaded opening. You can also select between genuine Walnut (shown) or Oak wooden urn which holds up to 140 lbs, with the bust on top. The wooden urn comes with a self-adjustable 4" x 6” magnetic Photo Holder, and an engraved plaque.

If you would like to attach your dog's Name Tag to the bust, it can be attached to the collar with a Double-ring connection. The Name Tag attaching procedure is simple, although it might be easier do with the help of small pliers. Please let us know if you want it to be shipped with the collar rings.

The urn is easily secured from the bottom with screws.

Urn size (with the sculpture): 8"(L) x 6"(W) x 14"(H).
Capacity: 140 cubic inches

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