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When it’s time to say goodbye….

People always tell pet parents you will know when it’s time to say goodbye.  For many of us that day comes much sooner than we expect, and for those with older pets, we know it is an inevitable loss that will arrive far too quickly. Head over to our Services Page to familiarize yourself with the options we have to help you through your journey of memorializing your pet at that difficult time.

As pet parents ourselves, we provide dignified and respectful care of your pet like it is one of our own. We will answer your call in your time of need and help you make final arrangements for your pet. We offer only private cremation, meaning no other animals are in the cremation unit with your pet during the cremation process. We assure the ashes returned to you are actually your pet's. We also can assist you with making burial arrangements too. Our packages include picking up your beloved pet from your home or veterinarian’s clinic, and we also provide a paw print and fur clippings to remember your pet. We would be honored to have your beloved pet entrusted to us when it’s time to say goodbye; to help you remember them in a way that celebrates their life with you, your family and friends.
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