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As lifelong lovers of animals, we understand that pets are members of the family and “fur children” for many of us. Having lost many of our “fur kids” over the years, we know how important it was to ensure our pets were treated in a dignified manner after they passed away, and not frozen and placed in a plastic bag.

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For urgent matters, please call 317-342-0761

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Vishal P

Rose Pet Memorial took good care of our Mastiff when she passed away. Jan was very gracious throughout the process. They were recommended to us by our local vet. I highly recommend the services they offer when it is time to say goodbye to our pet babies.


What a beautiful place this is, we're so lucky to have a service like this in our area. Jane is incredibly caring and knowledgeable. She made the most wonderful urn and paw impression after our rescue lost a guinea pig that had been with us for a long time. He'd been rescued from a heartbreaking situation, so giving him a final farewell really eased our hearts. Thank you, Rose Pet Memorial Center, for all you do for the community here!

Tammy Thompson

Jane, the owner is very responsive and helpful. They took care of every detail and did it in a gentle, comforting manner. From picking him up at the house, Nice poems, to sending a card, clipping hair, paw print, and a very nice presentation I really can’t think of anything they miss! Top notch service! Recommend and will use again - just hopefully not for a long long time!

Dignified and Respectful Care for Your Pet

Certified Pet Loss Professional To Serve You

Welcome to the Rose Pet Memorial Center website.  Our mission is to assist pet parents in the Indianapolis area and surrounding counties in making final arrangements for their pets in a professional and compassionate manner.  We understand that a pet’s love is unconditional and they are an important part of your family. Many people feel the loss of a pet in the very same way they would feel the loss of a human family member. Now, you have the option of having a staff of “pet lovers” to care for your beloved “furbaby” in a dignified and caring manner… and provide you with many of the same services that you would have at a human funeral home.

How can we help?

For urgent matters, please call 317-342-0761