Chi Chi Baur
April 4, 2010 - August 27, 2017

Chi Chi Baur

Chi Chi Baur
Apr 4, 2010 - Aug 27, 2017

Chi Chi Baur

In loving memory of our sweet dwarf English spot bunny, Chi Chi. We love and miss her every day. Binky free, Chi Chi. We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge someday.

Chi Chi was our first "failed foster." We fostered her for a week and were asked to bring her in for her neutering. She watched us leave her behind and it broke my heart, so I told the rescue to get the adoption papers ready because once she was out of surgery, she was coming home with us and never leaving my sight again. We had just adopted another bunny, Avery. It was love at first sight for those two, and only a call home to Heaven could separate them. Sadly, our sweet girl left us, and we all mourn her. We are blessed that two of our other bunnies, Jax and Lexi, have taken it upon themselves to keep Avery's spirits up until he and his soulmate are reunited again, never to be parted.


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Chi Chi Baur

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Chi Chi Baur

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Chi Chi Baur

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