Rudy Duckett

Feb 14, 2005 - Jun 23, 2017

Rudy Duckett

February 14, 2005 - June 23, 2017


We first saw Rudy in a wagon with his 5 siblings at a Beef Congress at the Indy Fairgrounds. They were all for sale and we bought Rudy. He was so young, he thought we were his "real" parents. Our vet didn't care for him and said we should have him euthanized at 5 wks which I refuse to do. He was the wildest puppy I've ever known. I suppose we should have named him "Wild Child." He'd fight having a collar placed and even walking on a leash. We took him to Brad Pfeifer, the dog expert trainer at the Indy Human Society. Brad observed him on many occasions and said Rudy was okay, just different. Thank you Brad Pfeifer! Rudy finally got out of the puppy stage at 2 yrs of age and was the best dog child ever.

Rudy was a beautiful Red Merle tri color Australian Shepherd. He was noble, loyal, smart, loved his family, brave and a fantastic disk player. He gave us sunshine and smiles every day of his life. He loved car rides with his dad. He never spent one day away from us in the 12 yrs of his life. Wherever we went, Rudy went. He loved the beaches of Santa Rosa Island, Florida and swimming in the gulf. He was gentle and kind to children and loved following our grandsons around on our property. He never missed one of their Little League games. But he was also fiercely protective of all of us and compassionate to me while I was going thru chemo. On the days I was sick to lift my head, he would bring me his toys and place them on my bed. He wanted to help in someway and so he offered me his prize position including his favorite disk. Our hearts are broken. Our sunshine, laughter and smiles Rudy gave are gone.

My husband is the one who talked with Jane at Rose. He described her as kind and compassionate. I never met her and want to tell her she's a wonderful woman. John came out to transport Rudy after he passed from Hemangiosarcoma cancer. We couldn't have asked for anyone better. He is amazing! He even got down on the hardwood floor to pet Rudy and to help us talk about him. He treated Rudy with total respect. I thought I would have a difficult time letting anyone take him. But John was like family. Rudy didn't like a lot of people but I know that he would have loved John. We live on a county road in the country. Cars drive by at 55mph. I watched John leave with Rudy and couldn't believe my eyes when he commanded respect for our child. Three vehicles slowed down and followed John and Rudy like a funeral procession down the road. I smiled through my tears and love John for that. God blessings to the entire Rose family. You are loved and appreciated.


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