Jessy Bean

Feb 04, 1999 - Apr 27, 2016

Jessy Bean

February 04, 1999 - April 27, 2016


We lost our Jessy Bean today after having him for over 17 years. Jessy was such a huge part of our family for so long it's impossible to imagine it without him. We were so blessed to have him in our lives for so long but so sad that he is gone now.

You are free in peace little man. We love you Jessy Bean.

My wife and I got Jessy as the "starter Baby" before we started our family. Once we became pregnant we thought we should test how Jessy would respond to having a new baby in the house. So, we borrowed a doll from my niece after hearing about an experiment we wanted to try. We placed the doll in the crib we had already set up in the new babies room an introduced Jessy to this new concept. It was our worst nightmare, Jessy jumped up, grabbed the doll by its ponytail and ran through the house. We were devastated thinking we would have to give up Jessy when the baby came. Luckily we convinced ourselves that there was no way Jessy would ever do this to a we were having a boy so there was no ponytail to grab onto. 😏Once the baby came home Jessy was his biggest protector and wouldn't leave his side and if my wife had the baby and you approached her he made sure you knew to back off. Jessy was very smart, he could be very stubborn but he was so sweet.

We found out Jessy was diabetic about in 2009 so we began the twice daily insulin shots and diabetic food. We were so sad thinking this was going to shorten our time with him....that was over 7 years ago. After making it through all of this, just last October we found out Jessy had cancer, a tumor on his lung and one on his heart. The vet told us he would be lucky to make it to Christmas. Jessy proved them wrong, by making it to his 17th birthday in February and beyond.

My youngest son Cooper who is 11 summed it up best when I texted him a picture today of him and Jessy.
He simply responded...."I miss that boy so much."


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