Our Comfort Pets

At Rose Pet Memorial Center we have “comfort” pets here at the center to help with your grief journey.

We have two resident cats, Jasper, a mackerel tabby, and Luna, a long hair calico. Both are rescued cats.

Jasper was rescued in February 2019 and was about 8 months old.  He was found as a stray in French Lick, Indiana and taken in by ARPO Rescue.  Jasper will make sure he available to you during your visit.  He is very friendly, and especially good with children.  He likes participating in funeral planning and will happy to offer his assistance.

Luna is our glamour cat. She is a big kitty who greets you at the door and listens in closely as you make plans for your pet and share with us about your loss. She frequently sits in the back pew of our sanctuary room and pays her respects during your visit. She loves attention and being petted. Luna isn’t shy about asking for attention if she thinks you need a little more “kitty love therapy.”

Sugar, is a rescued Great Pyrenees, who comes to the center frequently with her “pyrents”, the owners. She is very thoughtful and kind and likes to give hugs by leaning on you. She will lie at your feet and let you pet her as long as your arm allows. If you think you are done petting, she is known to give you a nudge to let you know if you aren’t. Sugar loves kids and other dogs too, so if your dog is with you during your visit, and they like other dogs, we’re sure they will be great friends. Sugar can make other plans if her assistance is not needed.

(Shown from left to right: Luna, Sugar, Jasper)

Your dog is always welcome to come with you, whether it likes other dogs and humans or not. The only thing that matters it that it likes you and gives you comfort! Cats as we know, typically do not do well with change, so typically don’t travel well, but they are welcome too.

Our “comfort pets” are here to help you heal, and seem to be very intuitive as to who needs their attention. We do understand that some of our clients may not be ready to visit with another animal yet, or have allergies to cats or a long haired dog. Just let us know if we need to send them on a break during your time with us.